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Katarina Radivojevic


Katarina is an award-winning Serbian actress with an extensive career in film, television and theater. She holds a Master of Arts degree in acting from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. 


Lika Osipova

Producer/TV Host

Lika is an award-winning producer, television host, actress and creator of the popular  Miss Russian LA/USA beauty pageants and reality TV show and is a social media influencer with over 100K followers on her platforms. 

Jelena Mandic

Jewelry Designer

Former Miss Serbia-Montenegro

Jelena, an artist and jewelry designer, lives on the Cot d'Azur. She represented Serbia and Montenegro in the Miss Universe competition. Upon receiving her MBA, she founded as the corporate vehicle for her famous glass jewelry creations that adorn the likes of Monaco's elite and trendsetters from all over the globe.


Nino Rakichevich


Nino Rakichevich is an advertising and fine art photographer based in Malibu, CA. With over 40 national and international photography awards, he is a proud member of the elite artist organization ULUPUDS in his native Serbia. Nino also spent nearly 15 years teaching fashion photography and celebrity portraiture at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography In Santa Barbara, CA. Nino has been a member of the Sony Artisans of Imagery since 2014.

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Danijela Milovanovic

Fashion Entrepreneur

Danijela is the founder of Esthetic World Beauty PMU Academy in Chicago. Successful Serbian business woman with strong passion for beauty innovation, trends and pursuit of perfection. 

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Tatijana Nikcevic

Psychologist, Personal Growth Coach, Architectural Designer

Tatijana holds a patent for an award-winning zero-energy home she designed using a method of construction called the Flow Building System to create customized, self-sustaining luxury eco homes. She is also a global personal growth coach using the P.E.A.T modality, and a program of her own ideations, F.A.I.R., where her sessions in the United States and Canada continue to draw standing room only attendance,


Nancy Pesic

Ms. Woman CA

US 1st Runner Up

Nancy is an acclaimed model, pageant contestant and TV journalist with degrees in Sports/Physical Education and Human Resources. She currently works as a Behavioral Therapists with those on the Autism Spectrum while studying for her Master's degree in Special Education. From Nis, Serbia, Nancy has resided in Los Angeles over the past 10 years.

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Ivana Cvetkovic

Owner, Safety Services 48 States

Ivana is the owner of Safety Services and is an Expert Safety Director with a demonstrated history of success in transportation and logistics as well as an accomplished Public Relations executive.


Maja Milicevic-Klugh

Engineer, Humanitarian, and Model representing NY state Ms Universe 2020 contest

A professional and teacher, with a Masters in Science degree and 7 languages, she dedicates her life to doing good in the world. With her exotic, ethnically ambiguous look, she affects change and inspires people to realize that every day is precious. Through her volunteering and modeling, she conveys the message that the beauty that matters is the beauty within.


DJ Spaz

DJ with Global Following

DJ Spaz is a Chicago-based broadcast personality, DJ with a global following across his many streaming platforms. He seamlessly mixes hip-hop, Serbian turbo-pop and an interview platform and provides action-packed live performances.

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Sonja Orlovic

Humanitarian, Poet & 


"One of the most beautiful things you can do is make sure that no one is alone in their suffering."

- Sonya


Milena Rimassa

Executive Producer/CMO

Milena is the Executive Producer of "Higher Ground" a 9-part streaming series and has produced a handful of independent feature films, including 3 on HBO and an award-winning documentary, "Roll With Me." She has served in senior marketing positions in film, publishing, alternative energy, food & beverage and healthcare. She is also a former journalist an past Financial Editor of The Hollywood Reporter.


Vladan Mijatovic


Serbian born, New York City-based jazz pianist and composer Vladan began playing piano at age 7. Coming from a music dynasty steeped in the unique Balkan musical tradition, Vladan melds music styles from Eastern Europe with modern jazz and classical music – for a distinctive fusion that won a global following. He holds a Master’s degree from Berklee College of Music and has played Carnegie Hall, among many other prominent world stages.  

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