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Expectations of the Future Miss Serbian Diaspora

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Get ready for a whirlwind year and some feet-on-the-ground time in Serbia once it is safe to travel.

Miss Serbian Diaspora will be chosen at an annual event dedicated to honoring young Serbian women or women of Serbian descent to serve a 12-month post as the organization's ambassador of culture, family, and sustainability of Serbian culture and values. The role of the reigning Miss Serbian Diaspora and her court, comprised of each contestant, is to unite the global youth diaspora with the common purpose of advancing the evolving identity of the Serbian people living outside of Serbia and to further values of health, family and beauty -- in its spiritual, intellectual and external manifestations.

“Miss Serbian Diaspora is the personification of hope for future generations of Serbians living in diaspora to have a meaningful relationship with the homeland while making global impact.”

Values: The Relevance and Importance of Miss Serbian Diaspora

The Miss Serbian Diaspora is an integral part of the A.S.A.P. 2020-21 action plan. Moving forward A.S.A.P. envisions growing the virtual gathering platform as a regular meeting place for Serbian youth and young adults to interact to older, more established supporters, creating a proactive enviornment throughout the diaspora when Serbian youth can established and grow meaningful and lifelong relationships with mentors, prospective business associates and others -- all in service of the same vision -- a sustainable future for Serbia's next generations.

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