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Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 Competition Powered by Miss World and A.S.A.P.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Miss Serbian Diaspora USA will be chosen from entrants on the basis of her character, intelligence, humanity, charm and of course her natural beauty to represent Next Gen Serbian women.

We know that old-school pageants are a thing of the past and we certainly would not subject our brilliant and beautiful young women to a competition that objectifies them in any way. Our Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 will showcase the potential of Serbian youth in diaspora -- as an engaged community member, scholar, humanitarian and holder of our strong family values long cherished by the Serbian people.

“Our Miss Serbian Diaspora will reflect values long cherished and venerated by the Serbian people -- family, community, intellectual pursuit and humanity.”

(L-R: Marina Schwabic, A.S.A.P. founder, Vesna Davinca, president Miss YU & stakeholder to Serbian participants in Miss World competitions)

Heavy Hitters Behind the Scenes

Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 is organised by American Serbian Association for Prosperity (A.S.A.P), a leading US non profit establishment serving the Serbian Diaspora in the United States from 2017. The virtual event was ideated by A.S.A.P. founder Marina Schwabic, who envisions using this massive online platform to promote a positive global branding of the Serbian women and their intrinsic charming personality, strong family values, talent, intellectual prowess, affinity for arts & sports and, of course, their world famous physical beauty.

This contest is inspired by the long lasting friendship of two successful Serbian women: Marina Schwabic and Vesna Davinca. The Miss Serbian Diaspora competition is held under the patronage and rules of the famous Serbian organisation Miss YU lead by Davinca, who is the president and a key stakeholder to the election and candidacy of Serbian participants in the Miss World competitions.

Ms. DaVinca's association Miss YU -- which had organized the Miss Serbia and Miss Montenegro pageants for 20-years -- greatly contributed to the success of Serbian young women throughout the global pageant world, most notably, the Miss World competitions.

An exciting perk to the Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 is that the Serbian National winner as a Miss Serbian Diaspora National 2020 will be catapulted directly to the coveted standing of a semi-finalist in the Miss Serbia 2020 competition.

Why is Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 going online?

This platform in in direct response to the global pandemic which disallows a real-time gathering. In one way, this is a drawback, but in another, is a silver lining that allows our beautiful gathering Serbian youth to promote itself in support of what it loves most -- the beauty of its culture, heritage and promotion of fellow Serbs -- wherever they may be.

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