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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Many of the contestants to the Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 competition are already in the process of establishing themselves in the workforce while others are embarking on the final phase of their educational careers. Truth be told, even after the ink is dry on an undergraduate or graduate degree, there’s still plenty of learning, honing and fine tuning that goes on throughout a career.

In such uncertain times, it is also important to foster resilience and the ability to embrace change as the world forces us to reinvent ourselves, even if we’ve just begun.

The team at Miss Serbian Diaspora USA is dedicated to fostering an environment of sisterhood, trust and mentorship – not only during the competition but moving forward well beyond the 2020 coronation. Many of the friendships forged online may grow into life-long relationships, mentorships and sources of growth and career networking over years to come.

We’re here to stress that while beauty is an exceptional attribute, it is only skin deep and fleeting, which is why we encourage our contestants to pursue a college education, trade school or – for the most intellectually inclined – graduate school.

When it comes to self-improvement, we know a lot of methods. To get fit, you eat right and exercise. To grow in physical strength, you train and lift weights. To improve your memory, you get enough sleep and intentionally learn new things.

We often hear the question, so what exactly can I do to improve and grow in my career?

Our advice is simple. Start with being exceptionally proficient at what you currently do. Beyond college, with technology changing as fast as it does, it is critical to stay on top of advancements in your given field and to try to stay ahead of the curve to improve your work at your job, or in the highly competitive job market. As you expand your core competencies and skill sets, you become more desirable and competitive to your employer and in the overall job market.

With 40 million Americans out of work, everyone needs to stay on top of their game to best of their ability. Even before the crisis, a Pew Research study showed that college graduates earn $17,000 more per year than others who have only completed a high school education.

In addition to education and experience, social poise and emotional intelligence will prove very helpful. In competitions such as this one, you will learn valuable communication and presentation skills, learn how to maintain composure under challenging circumstances and how to savor victory as a stepping stone to higher achievement.

Here are a handful of reasons why pursuing a higher education is helpful to you:

1. You learn how to learn. Once you have mastered that, you’re on your way to mastering true When you pursue a university program, you earn practical and intellectual knowledge that is transferable to the workplace as you learn leadership principles.

2. Conflict management becomes second nature. You will not always agree with your professors or cohort. You will learn how to state your position with confidence and defend your position with logic and communication skills.

3. You learn soft skills. You are pushed into projects that force you to work with a team where your communication skills are sharpened, your critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities will be tested and refined. These are important skills to bring to the workforce.

4. You will become perseverant. The mere act of completing a college education proves that you are capable of hard work and have the determination to plow through four or five years of constant growth, classes, exams and homework. It proves a strong work ethic.

5. Boosts your confidence. It is a huge deal to complete an undergraduate degree. It means you have accomplished a big step and can take on the responsibilities of adulthood head-on and can grow and thrive in your chosen profession. A greater degree of confidence leads to greater professional advancement.

Through attendance at a university, a trade school or through programs such as the Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 competition, you will grow your social network that will be a source of strength, empowerment, personal growth and life-long sharing of resources. It is easier to climb the ladder of success when you have a support and knowledge network than when you’re reaching for the sky by yourself.

To become an exception athlete, you will need to improve your physical strength by continually working out at various exercises on a continual and on-going basis. To grow and thrive professionally, it is critical to put your higher knowledge to work, gain core competencies and develop and grow a network that will be accessible throughout your professional path. #careerpath #missserbiandiaspora2020 #womensempowerment #mentorship

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