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Are You the Next Miss Serbian Diaspora USA 2020? We're interviewing now!

A warm hello from Team Miss Diaspora USA!

We have a big question for you that comes with a huge opportunity -- to be crowned as Miss Serbia 2020 -- and the honor of serving in 2020-21 as Miss Serbian Diaspora USA 2020!

That's not all! Every participant represents the best and the brightest of the Serbian Diaspora youth in the United States. Not only will you meet peers from around the country, but you will also have access to a top tier mentorship team. If you, or someone you know, is up for the adventure and challenge, bring it!

For you to be considered, first message is on Facebook, the sooner the better. Let us know your age and current place of residence. After our initial interview, we will send you a formal invitation to apply.

This Coronavirus-proof competition is 100% online and 100% fun.

Check out our website and social media: https://www.missserbiandiaspora.com and @misserbiandiaspora on Facebook and Instagram. While you're there please like us and share with your friends and family as the first step in this adventure!

My name is Marina Schwabic, founder of the American Serbian Association for Prosperity, dedicated to the sustainability and growth of our community in the US and am one of the organizers of this amazing event.

But this contest is about you! It is a vehicle for Serbian youth to shine. Our Miss Serbia Diaspora USA is committed to health, wellness, education, empowerment, sustaining national heritage and, of course, beauty.

We promise great mentorship and our team has secured a valuable prize for the winner and the icing on the cake, the winner is guaranteed participation in final competition of Miss Serbia 2020 in Belgrade, Serbia.

We're super excited to meet you online!

The Miss Serbian Diaspora final pageant will be broadcast on the Zoom platform in a stylistic format similar to the popular TV show, The VIce.

The 15-20 carefully selected finalists will partecipate on the Zoom event, broadcasting live from their computer or mobile phone from their home or other suitable location of their choice. The competition categories will be:

  • Sportswear (contestant-originated introductory video)

  • Swimsuit (live on Zoom)

  • Evening gown (live on Zoom)

  • Interview on topics presented by Jury (live on Zoom)

The final Zoom Event is scheduled for early September (7-10) and will be broadcast on one of Serbia's leading television networks.

“Our Miss Serbian Diaspora will reflect values long cherished and venerated by the Serbian people -- family, community, intellectual pursuit and humanity.”

Final notes: We are presently interviewing prospective committee members and jurors who will be announced on this website and on our social media platforms shortly. Each social media engagement by contestants will be tracked by each contestant's personal hashtag, making it sweet, simple and easy to tabulate.

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