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Today's Youth are Tomorrow's Leaders

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Miss Serbian Diaspora will be chosen on the basis of her character, intelligence, humanity, charm and natural beauty to represent Next Gen Serbs. The competition will unite Serbian youth across America to support and grow digital platforms in support of new generation of self-aware, self-motivated, community-supported young and thriving Serbian women!

We know that old-school beauty-first pageants are a thing of the past. As much as we greatly appreciate the breathtaking beauty of our contestants, this competition seeks to identify and promote the unique individual talents and personalities of our contents -- and not to objectify them in any way. Our Miss Serbian Diaspora will showcase the potential of Serbian youth in diaspora -- as an engaged community member, scholar, humanitarian and holder of values long cherished by the Serbian people.

“Our Miss Serbian Diaspora will reflect values long cherished and venerated by the Serbian people -- family, community, intellectual pursuit and humanity.”

We are excited that the Serbian diaspora has rallied their support around a project to choose the best and most talented young women from its ranks. This two young woman will proudly bear the title of Miss Serbian DIaspora National 2020 and Miss Serbian Diaspora USA -- and support the mission to raise awareness of the unity and identity of the Serbian people living united -- but apart -- throughout the planet.

The winners will propagate the values of family, unity, health and beauty as basic building blocks of society that will contribute to the sustainability of the Serbian people.

A portion of the funds raised by this competition will be used to fund Miss Serbian Diaspora national trip and 3 weeks preparation for the main components to be head live in Belgrade, Serbina mid October. A.S.A.P. will also contribute to Miss Serba scholarship fund that will provide a scholarship for the winner of Miss Serbia Contest.

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