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Who Can Compete

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Miss Serbian Diaspora winners will be chosen by jury and popular vote. We ask the Serbian community-at-large to help get the word out.

We encourage any young Serbian women living in the United States who consider themselves ethnically Serbian by virtue of parentage or citizenship, to apply!

“Any woman aged 18-25 of Serbian heritage living in the US may compete.”

How You Can Help our Contestants Succeed

Aspiring participants are urged to first sign up on this website as a contestant and then share the site, Facbook and relevant links with their Serbian friends. Once a contestants application materials have been received in good order and approved by the committee and the $150 enrllment fee was paid, they will receive a personal ID code that can be used to refer friends and family as well as an official #hashtag and digital "photo frame" to be used across social media platforms.

Separate prizes for most likes, shares, general engagement and number of friends referred will all be tracked by a contestants personal ID code that will generally look like this:


The #MSD2020 will be an official hashtag of the competition, as well #MissSerbianDiaspora2020

The general hashtag protocol is: #MSD2020

Followed by the contestant's first name: In this case, Milena

Followed by the FIRST letter of her last name: In this case, MilenaR

Followed by the MONTH and DATE of birth: In this case, March 29 transforms into 0329

Parents, family members, friends and others are urged to support a prospective Miss Serbian Diaspora 2020 to apply. Then, once they do, each of you can help support by using their personal hashtag to share the love.

Sponsors and Donors

Sponsors and donors are welcome to get behind this initiative by donating to a special fund for the winners; by directly supporting A.S.A.P.; by offering in-kind donations (i.e., goods, services, products) to contestants. We are formulating sponsorship packages that will allow you, your business, organization or church get behind your beautiful youthful ambassador. You may click here to reach out to our sponsorship team.


If your organization or church publishes a newsletter, or if you have media contacts in your community, please feel free to request a personalized press release. One will be provided to you within 48 hours of your request. Simply inform us of the name of the publication, your location, the press release sponsor and name of your contestant(s).

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