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Young women aged 18-25 who are Serbian nationals or foreign-born daughters of at least one Serbian parent are urged to electronically submit their applications. Contest duration July 10 - Sept. 10, 2020.

Application fee: $150

Competition: Fully online 

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Miss Serbian Diaspora is an annual event dedicated to honoring young Serbian women or women of Serbian descent who gather to compete to earn a 12-month post as the organization's ambassador of culture, family, and sustainability of Serbian culture and values. 

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Outreach to prospective contestants through Serbian Diaspora communities in the US.

* Outreach

* Approval of applicants

* Selection of semi-finalists

* Selection of Finalists

* Announcement of winners



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Each contestant will upload an application, personal information, set of photos and/or videos that will be uploaded to this site. Contestants are urged to share their updates on their personal social media like Facebook and Instagram. The winner will be selected as a combination of Jury and popular votes.